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Sales / Business Coach Chuck can help you...

Get Immediate Revenue Results!

  • Make MORE Money
  • Take More Quality Time OFF
  • Work Smarter

Start Running Your Business

  • Become Systematized & Automated
  • Become 100% Efficient
  • Applies to ALL Industries

Make Closing Sales Easy!

  • Increase the New Biz Pipeline
  • Advanced Sales Psychology
  • Advanced Tactical Approaches

Gain Competitive Advantages!

  • Have a “SET” Sales Platform
  • Solve Your Challenges
  • Prevent Them From EVER Occurring
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Work Smart, Earn More, Take More Quality Time Off!

Work Smarter, Make More Money, & Take More Quality Time Off with Chuck Bauer’s business consulting and sales training. Companies and businesses from a variety of industries benefit from his business consulting, sales management consulting, individual sales coaching & sales tune ups drawn from over 3000+ LIVE sales training experiences. He has personally coached on 1000s of transactional/non-transactional sales processes all the way up to multi-million dollar international sales deals. In 2013 Chuck conducted 847 50 minute WebEx Coaching Sessions, 44 Seminars & did 52 In-Field Sales Tune Ups! Utilize his experience to GET INSTANT RESULTS for your business, sales team, or company! Call 855-740-SELL!

Get Your Fast Start To Better Sales Today!

Specializing In…

  • Making MORE Money
  • Taking More Quality Time OFF
  • Working Smarter / 100% Efficiency
  • Solving & PREVENTING Challenges
  • Advanced Sales Psychology
  • Advanced Tactical Approaches
  • Gaining & Retaining NEW Business
  • Being Systematized & Automated
  • Having a SET Sales Platform
  • Making CLOSING Easy!

Does Your Business Need Punch?

Coach Chuck’s Expectations

Expectations that are required from each person or company.

  • Collaborative Effort
  • Avoid The “Sales Mouse Trap”
  • Discipline & Tenacity
  • Implementation
  • Focus & Desire
  • Become Systematized
  • Over-react to Coaching
  • Enjoyment

Got what it takes? Don’t Procrastinate—Activate!